Momentum Business Builders

Momentum Business Builders


  • An aspiring entrepreneur who wants to begin a business?  Maneuvering through all the “where’s”, “how’s” and “why’s” of starting a business can be complicated, but we have resources and programs to support you!
  • small business trying to grow your company in Hawaii?  Then you know first-hand that managing the “hustle” of sales, marketing, and daily operations can be a time-consuming and often costly task. Let us show you how to get the most results from your efforts.
  • network marketer who wants to increase your clientele and/or sales? Does it seem like your up-line is making more money than you are? We have simple tips and tricks to better your marketing.

Learn how to start and grow your business NOW! 

Entrepreneurial Coaching and Training program provided to you by FOR’EWA Pono

This 5 Week Entrepreneurial Program Momentum is sponsored by the Ewa Beach Community Based Development Organization (Ewa Beach CDBO) dba FOR’EWA Pono. Momentum is available to aspiring, new, and established business owners residing in Ewa Beach and all of O’ahu who seek to learn skills, best practices, strategies and implementation steps to build a solid foundation for success.

It provides people with an opportunity to LIVE, WORK and PLAY in your own community!

Limited spots available. ONLY 12 students will be accepted to participate in this program.


Come learn along other like-minded business professionals and make your dreams your reality! 

Register now!  

Tuesdays 6-8pm In Class Training in Kapolei: 

  • June 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30

Kick Starter Consultation: 

  • Scheduled at time of training completion

Momentum Business Builder:

  • A 5-week Momentum Business Builder Program (Value of $4,997)
    • In Class Training in Kapolei (Tuesdays 6-8pm)
    • Modules, workbook, learning guides, Business Plan and Accounting Templates provided
    • Financial Literacy regarding Personal and Business Credit and Debt, Business Planning and Business Accounting
    • Post-program support and accountability provided by FOR’EWA Pono
  • FOR’EWA Pono Small Business Kickstarter Program (Value of $97)
    • One on One Assessment of your current business systems and operations
    • Helps to build and refine your business plan
    • Develops customized marketing and lead generation tools
    • Evaluates online presence (including e-commerce and social media)
    • Offers networking opportunities and other resources for Small Businesses, Network Marketers, Sub-Contractors and Non-Profit Organizations 

Program Outline:

Module Topic Description
1 Business Strategy Identify the overall business strategy for your business and translate it into a business plan.
2 Branding Build a brand that gets seen, gets heard and gets you paid
3 Marketing Learn the offline and online marketing techniques to drive new leads into your business.
4 Sales Without sales, there is no business.  Learn basic sales techniques that help customers see the value of purchasing your products and/or services
5 Operations and Business Systems Without a good infrastructure, your business cannot grow or scale.  Customer experience and service becomes the pillar of your ability to retain customers (which costs less than gaining a new one!).
6 Web Site and Online Strategies Web and social media are essential in today’s business marketplace.  Build your online presence.
7 Accounting Basics/Financial Literacy An overview of basic accounting systems for your business. Personal, Business Credit and Debt are all explained

In Class Location:

Ewa Beach CBDO dba FOR‘EWA Pono

1001 Kamokila Blvd. Suite 133

Kapolei, HI 96707

This program is valued at $4,997 per person.

Cost to you is ONLY $597*


  • Instead of commuting 2-3 hours a day you can have the freedom of working from your own home.
  • With the right marketing tools, your product and/or services will attract more customers
  • You can do what you are passionate about and make money doing it
  • The work you put into your business will yield maximum results
  • Instead of giving away your talents, products or knowledge, you can make a profit and still help people at the same time

Statistics show that in Hawai’i, more and more people are realizing this simple fact: it is possible to live, work and play in your community. Why not experience it for yourself?

We are excited to help you take the next steps and get you to your life and business goals! 


About Your Instructors:

Jennifer Kem – Marketing and Brand Strategist, Business and Lifestyle Coach, Owner of KemComm Media Group

Jennifer Kem has over 16 years of business experience as a business leader with large, mid, and small sized companies. As the owner of KemComm Media Group, Jennifer consults corporate executives and business owners to elevate their brands and grow their business using lead generation, digital strategy and all aspects of advertising, including direct mail, directTV, print and radio.

Coined the ‘Strategic Narrator’ and ‘CMO-for-hire’ for modern businesses – she has been directly responsible for company revenue growth in every engagement she has served using leadership, fiscal aptitude, product prioritization, and program execution.

Her experience and passion for her clients around the world serves business owners to create massive impact and profit through training and workshops, entrepreneurial programs and executive coaching.  She has a B.S. in Commerce and Management from Santa Clara University and an MBA from University of California, Berkeley.

Juanita Aguerrebere – Brand Expert, Co-Owner of Aquahunters and Author

Juanita is a leading branding expert for Personal and Lifestyle Brands and co-owner of Aquahunters, kayak fishing sports league, living in Kapolei. She recently Co-Authored the book “Mommy Divas on The Move: 16 Successful Secrets for Mompreneurs” a #1 Amazon Best Selling Book for Women and Business. Her mission is to work with global leaders and entrepreneurs as they collectively make positive changes to create sustainable communities in her own backyard and the world. Learn the secrets Juanita Aguerrebere has used with her clients to leverage their networks across the globe to create viral success.

Christiane Bolosan-Yee – Executive Director of FOR‘EWA Pono, Owner of SMART Ohana and Author

Christiane is the Executive Director of Ewa Beach CBDO dba FOR‘EWA Pono non-profit organization and owner and All Natural Living Wellness Consultant of SMART Ohana. She is the author of “Kwikie Keiki Meals” and is a Reiki Practitioner.  Christiane consults with business owners looking to start and grow their businesses and works with them through her one on one coaching and/or entrepreneurship trainings.  Her coaching and training sessions helps to encourage others to be dream builders and to design a life and business grounded in peace and happiness while making money doing so.  Her life’s purpose is to make meaningful connections with others and revels when she sees others successful and happy.

Sarah Paikai – Business Builder Trainer for FOR’EWA Pono, Owner and Website developer of Prominent Designs and Productions 

Carolyn Villamor – Accountant and Trainer for FOR’EWA Pono, LegalShield Representative

What are people saying?

“Christiane basically tore my business plan apart! Which may not sound good at first, but is in fact the type of feedback any startup needs. We went through every aspect including marketing, demographics, competition, life cycles, development, intellectual property, growth strategies, financials and much more…By the end of our meeting, my business plans went from descriptions of generalities to a detailed artwork with a road map to success”. – Keokolo A.

“As a recent Ewa Beach CBDO Microenterprise Training aka Momentum Business Builders beneficiary, I for one can a test to the great value and awesome support I have been given through the community program… Over the past year or so I have been able to grow our Residential Cleaning business from a two person operation to a company that currently employs 16 part-time workers, of which 30-35% of them currently live in the Ewa Beach area. It is with great appreciation that I thank the Ewa Beach CBDO for all their help, support and training, and hope to see that this continues on in our community for many years to come.” – Lance T. M. Ling Co-Owner At Your Service Cleaning Service 

“Ewa Beach CBDO brings valuable educational and enrichment opportunities to children and adults in leeward Oahu that they would not otherwise have. I participated in its entrepreneurial course.  Working full-time and being a busy mother of two on a limited income, I would not have been able to take any continuing education to teach me the nuts and bolts of starting a business.  Ewa Beach CBDO scheduled the classes at a convenient time, enough to get home from a long drive from work” – Sheryll Bonilla, Attorney at Law

*Scholarships are available. Inquire for details.

Even successful companies can struggle with sales, staffing, and burnout. Our educational modules teach everything from mindset to marketing, sharing tips and practical application for YOUR business.  


Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we can help. 

Register now and reserve your seat. Don’t wait for “next time” or “bumbay”. Act now! We look forward to helping you take the next step towards success!

See you on June 2nd!