Helping Our Parents Through Empowerment

    HOPE provides a family strengthening component which includes workshops that address domestic violence, coping skills, anger management, financial literacy, parenting classes and family counseling opportunities. The foundation behind the interactive family component is to promote family unity in which each family member and each individual within a community has a defined role in the unit and is responsible to the whole.


    School Commitment Opportunities Through Programs & Education

    SCOPE encourages participants to plan out and visualize their future giving them a road map toward their goals. Through interactive activities and workshops, the students will learn to break down their future career and educational goals into reachable and realistic benchmarks using tools provided and taught. Other programs will also provide opportunities for business ingenuity through a Kidpreneurship curriculum and broadening artisitic skills through music and art. The ultimate goals of SCOPE are to support the commitment to school and provide a wide range of positive learning opportunities and to help students make post high school education a reachable reality.

  • CORE

    Community Opportunities & Resources for Employment & Entrepreneurship

    CORE addresses the lack of employment and provides opportunities and consists of two components, which a consumer could participate. The first component of CORE is the Entrepreneurship piece that provides workshops in creating a business. Completion of the course allows for business support for startup and sustainability. Clients interested in the food service industry that have met eligibility requirements may also qualify for a scholarship to cover a ServSafe certification from LCC OCEWD. The second component addresses employability and includes job search through job skills training, interview skills, resume writing, and other employment development workshops.

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