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The Ewa Beach Community Based Development Organization (CBDO) dba FORʻEwa Pono is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We engage in community development activities primarily within and around ‘Ewa Beach to enhance the quality of life of its residents.


Our Mission:

To improve the lives of our community residents through economic development programs and services


  1. Build Resident Capacity: “Ewa Beach will prosper by involving all of our neighbors, across, economic, social and cultural lines, in defining and improving Ewa Beach’s future. Getting our kids involved is especially important.”
  2. Support Economic and Job Development
  3. Build Community Awareness: “Ewa Beach’s resources in people often go unnoticed. We need to create networking opportunities to solve many of our concerns by using the talents of our residents and neighbors.

Our Objectives:

  1. Establish a Community Based Development Organization to identify, develop, implement and monitor social, economic and community development projects in the Ewa Beach NRSA.
  2. Establish a community center as a gathering place to provide increased opportunities for volunteerism, training support and increased participation in community events and activities.
  3. Increase opportunities for youth.
  4. Establish a business incubator and marketplace supporting new and existing businesses while allowing residents to gain employment and improve job skills without leaving Ewa Beach.
  5. Reduce crime.
  6. Improve travel in and around Ewa Beach.



Since our inception in 2009 some accomplishments include:

  • Offered small business entrepreneur training classes to teach people how to successfully own and operate a small business.
  • Hosted the “Rediscover Ewa Beach Fair” and FORʻEWA Pono Community Fairs and Hoike which focuses on debuting and featuring some our new small businesses from our classes and supports local businesses and organizations from within and around our neighboring communities to showcase their products and services
  • Installed a new playground apparatus and exercise equipment for the Ewa Beach Community park
  • In conjunction with Na Kama Kai we have sponsored numerous ocean safety and conservation awareness events for youth.
  • Offered after-school fine art programs to allow children to express themselves through unique creativity. Artwork exhibited at the Kapolei Hale.
  • Educated community members to prevent intimate partner violence and encourage healthy relationships through our Healthy and Hapai Fairs, talk story sessions, and Family Strengthening programs.



Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area

Geographic Area Description:

The area for which NRSA designation includes most of the community identified as Ewa Beach and all of the community identified as Iroquois Point. It is bound by the Pacific Ocean to the south and on the East by the midpoint of the channel and body of water known as West Loch at Pearl Harbor. The West Loch Community Shoreline Park is within the proposed boundary. The area is bound on the North by Papipi Road, which extends in a northeasterly direction from the entrance of Oneula Beach Park to intersect Hwy 76, Fort Weaver Road. From that point the Northerly boundary continues northeasterly, paralleling North Road to intersect Hanakahi Street. From this point, it runs southeasterly along Hanakahi Street to North Road. From this intersection, the boundary progresses northeasterly, along North Road, approximately 4,000 feet, then turns back northwest paralleling Hanakahi for approximately 1,700 feet. From this point, the boundary moves in a northeasterly direction, paralleling North Road until it intersects West Lock Drive. The boundary then follows West Lock Drive in a North Northwesterly direction until it intersects Arizona Road. From Arizona road the boundary, line moves in a direct line West Northwesterly, approximately 4,500 feet to the edge of the cul-de-sac at Hamana Street. From that point, the boundary extends north to the banks of West Loch.