How Do You Block Someone On Discord Mobile

How Do You Block Someone On Discord Mobile. First of all, to block someone: On mobile, the process is a bit different.

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Now from mobile device you can not longer unblock users if you dont have any common servers with user you want to unblock. Likewise, how do you block calls on discord? Then you need to head to the privacy settings which can be found by.

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Click on the “blocked message” tab; You'll be shown a list of every user you have blocked. Next, navigate to a server that you share with this person.

Concluding How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Discord

Select the option “block.” now you have blocked this person. People ask also, how do i mute discord calls on my mobile? If you don’t share a server, don’t worry!

Unfriending Someone On Discord Method 1:

Next, tap on the icon that shows up a figure that is waving. Find the one you want to unblock and swipe your finger to. How to block people on discord.

All You Have To Do Is Navigate To The Message You Want To Report.

After you block the person on discord, he/she can still see your messages but can’t chat with you on discord anymore. Alternatively, if you only want to block a user from messaging you directly on discord. If you need to block someone in discord, here’s how to do it:

You Can Click The Three Dots In The Top Right To Pull Up A Menu That Will Let You Block The User.

Select the user’s profile name in the direct message app. This is the menu you need. Press and hold on it, then choose report from the bottom of the list.

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