How To Look Up Sold Items On Ebay App

How To Look Up Sold Items On Ebay App. Select your recently viewed items on the homepage. Place a checkmark beside “sold items.” (“completed items” will also check itself.

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Try to buy a traditional magazine and not an online magazine. Awaiting payment), and time frame. Click to select auction. 4.

Look At Your Orders Tab.

To search for sold items, enter the keyword, run the search.tap filter in the upper right, scroll down until you see show more tap that button and there should be an option to search for sold items. Scroll down and click “show more” to expand the filter menu, then scroll down to “sold items”, select it, and then click the “show results” button. Here are the two steps to look up sold prices:

You Can Also Search For Recently Ended Items By Typing The Name Of The Item Into The Search Bar And Clicking Either Completed Listings Or Sold Listings At The Top Of The Results.

Search for an item or items. Search for the item you are looking up (just as if you were shopping) use the filters to narrow your. From here you can tweak or narrow your search, or click into an ebay listing to see more information.

Try To Buy A Traditional Magazine And Not An Online Magazine.

If you make a living selling items on ebay or simply want to sell a few unneeded business goods, then you need to take the necessary steps to ensure you will get the best deal for the goods you will post for sale. Turn on the sold items filter. You can find your recently viewed items in the following places on ebay:

Find The Item On The Ebay App, Then Filter By Both Completed Items And Sold Items.

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Whether You’re Looking To Discover Deals Or Make Money Selling, Simply Download The Ebay App To Get Started.

Visit your my ebay page. Now you can browse through the sold listings for the search you did. All the completed listing will come up, you’ll see the final price.

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