Iphone 13 Pro Battery Life Test

Iphone 13 Pro Battery Life Test. So if battery life is important, these two models are truly the best yet. The 13 pro has an 11 percent larger battery, and the 13 pro max’s battery is an astonishing 18.5 percent larger.

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Ago iphone 13 pro max. The iphone 12 pro comes with a 2815 mah battery and it features the apple a14 bionic processor, the iphone 13 comes with a larger 3095 mah battery and it has the new apple a15 bionic chip. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

That’s A Good Part Of Why Apple Says The 13 Pro Can Give 3 Hours More Video Playback (22 Hours) Than The Iphone 13 With 19 Hours Of Video Playback.

So if battery life is important, these two models are truly the best yet. The iphone 13 comes with a 3227 mah and the iphone 13 pro features a 3100 mah battery, now we have a battery life test of the two handsets. The video playback lasts 22 hours on the iphone 13 pro and 19 hours on the standard iphone 13.

But You Also Have Battery Improvements In The Iphone 13 Pro And Iphone 13, And Even The Tiny Iphone 13 Mini Now Gets Considerable Improvements To Battery Life.

624 minutes +12,5% iphone 13: 6 hours and 26 minutes. Further, the 13 pro max shows an average drop of only 1% overnight.

714 Minutes +3% Iphone Pro 13:

The iphone 13 gets a 12.41 wh battery this year, while the iphone 13 pro has a smaller 11.97 wh battery. (i wish the test had compared the iphone 12 pro models, and not just the standard model.) The difference usually is in standby time.

The 13 Pro Has An 11 Percent Larger Battery, And The 13 Pro Max’s Battery Is An Astonishing 18.5 Percent Larger.

The huge battery is amazing for getting long periods of standby without having to worry about charging. Maini said this is the longest battery life of. Here’s how iphone 13 battery life compares.

It Must Be Noted That The Iphone 13 Pro Max’s Autonomy Performance And Battery Indicator Behaved Erratically During The First.

The winning device in the test was the iphone 13 pro max, which achieved an impressive 9 hours and 52 minutes of battery life with continuous usage. To measure battery life, we use our three battery tests: 8 hours and 17 minutes.

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